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Dr. Ragaee S. Erian
Family Physician


Dr. Kamal A. Abduelmula
General Practitioner


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WELCOME to our clinic


Spruce Pro Family Clinic’s Vision is to keep you healthy for a century, simply by assisting you to make healthy lifestyle choices and by providing comprehensive, up to date and excellent quality primary and preventive care to every member of the family from infant to the eldest member.


Spruce Pro Family Clinic’s experienced and compassionate physicians are striving  to serve the City of Spruce Grove and the Parkland County Community and the surrounding neighbourhood for decades . They make finding a primary care doctor an easy job. Whether you need an annual checkup, you have a complex health problem or you need a minor office surgical procedure, our dedicated team of primary care experts in Spruce Pro Family Clinic are ready to treat you from head to toe and coordinate your care every step of the way. Our dedicated team includes Certified Family Physicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Psychotherapists, and Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacists.
We have convenient office hours that fit your busy family schedule as we work six days in the week, including evenings and weekends. It’s easy to get an appointment and our helpful staff is there to provide you with top-quality service from the moment you walk in the door.
At Spruce Pro Family Clinic, your health and wellbeing are our primary concern.

Clinic Services:

– Complete physical examination, ECG and lung function
– Preoperative examination
– Driver’s Medical for class 1,2,3,4,5
– Management of chronic diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma and COPD
– AISH forms , Disability forms and sick notes (fee applies)
– Life style and preventive medicine
– Women’s health including pap test and contraception
– Men’s health including prostate examination
– Preoperative for Dental procedures & for cosmetic surgery (fee applies)
– Psychotherapist on site (appointment is required)
– Diabetic education and management specialized pharmacists 


Surgical Procedures

– Vasectomy, No scalpel technique. By Dr. Erian, covered by AHS
– Circumcision for newborn babies using Plastibell technique. By Dr. Erian (fee applies)
– Ingrown toenails
– Removal of skin moles & skin tags
– Removal of lipoma and other lumps
– Wart treatment by liquid nitrogen
– Wart surgical removal
– Removal of foreign bodies (Glass, wood, metal objects)
– Cortisone injection to shoulders knees, hip bursa and Trigger finger
– Incision and drainage of abscess
– Suture of Laceration
– Removal of stitches
– Regular medications injection by Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
– Cast application and removal